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Version 3.5

Released on May 28, 2008

New Features

  • Internal editing/highlighting of stored web page items.
  • Multi-user LAN support*.
  • Support user-defined formatting of item title.
  • Nested searches*.
  • Search on item relationships (parent, ancestor, child, and descendant)*.
  • Info item attribute type (attribute that links to an item).
  • Show lineage in Item Parents pane.
  • Support reverse sorting in tree (right-click -> Sort Siblings or View | Alphabetic menu item twice).
  • Directly delete user-defined keyword from all items via Item | Keywords dialog.
  • Include user-defined keywords as a read-only attribute for items with user-defined keywords.


  • Rich text editor enhancements: 1) Tables; 2) Styles; 3) Indent/unindent; 4) Numbering formats; 5) Line spacing; 6) Superscript/subscript (Format menu).
  • Map additional Outlook properties if equivalent attributes defined in UR (All Day Event, Complete, Duration, IM Address, Importance, Private, Web Page, etc., and user-defined fields)*.
  • Use Explorer tree/list look and feel on themed Windows Vista.
  • Drop-down calendar for date fields in Item Attributes pane (Tools | Options | Attributes).
  • Sort Reminder dialog by Begin Date+Time, and allow sorting on other columns (left-click column header).
  • Keep Flag (Completed), % Completed, and Date Completed attributes in sync.
  • Turn off reminder if 1) Flag attribute changed to Completed, 2) % Completed attribute changed to 100, or 3) Date Completed attribute assigned a value.
  • Link/Move/Copy dialog enhancements: 1) Use radio buttons instead of combo for Link/Move/Copy; 2) Support multiple select to link or copy an item from tree to multiple locations or to insert internal link into text editor or notes for multiple items (if 'Tools | Options | Editor | Create internal link from Link/Move dialog with focus in Details pane' is checked); 3) Create internal link in Item Notes pane.
  • Populate Firefox bookmarks filename from default profile for Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape import if found.
  • Firefox extension supports Firefox v3.
  • Firefox/Thunderbird extensions work when UR is run from USB drive.
  • Option for whether to process link clicks internally for better compatibility with some web sites (Tools | Options | Browser).
  • Option to allow internal editing of linked text/rich text files (Tools | Options | Documents).
  • Move children of synced item with invalid URL to Recycle Bin.
  • Show filename without path for tab title of external local file.
  • Don't logically link to items in Recycle Bin when importing.
  • Don't fire reminders for template items and their children.
  • Use PR_LONGTERM_ENTRYID_FROM_TABLE if available for Outlook item URL (could resolve duplicate problems).

    Bug fixes

  • If web page tab doesn't load completely, closing another tab doesn't work and switching tabs after that causes RTTI error.
  • External editing of folder item incorrectly synced with temporary document.
  • Panes not refreshed after moving item from search results via Link/Move dialog.
  • Phrase search not working with phrase containing 2-letter word(s).
  • Opening a search item in Related Items pane in new tab doesn't open in new tab.
  • Some Firefox bookmark files not imported properly.
  • Some date formats not imported properly from XML/CSV file.
  • Problem with XML export/import of Template Item attribute.
  • Always populate Hyperlink Properties dialog URL field with hyperlinked text.
  • Selecting a URL in text editor opens URL.
  • For auto-completion string attributes, prevent entry (on forms) of same value with different case.
  • Prevent creating attribute with same name but difference case of an existing attribute.
  • Leading and trailing zeros/decimal truncated from new string attribute created via a form.
  • Never move file to recycle bin after importing mbox, ActionOutline, or TreePad files.
  • Foreign key violation error could occur after undo while editing form field.
  • When using Office 2007 theme, caption buttons not always painted properly and doesn't participate in tile/cascade of windows.

    * = Professional edition only
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