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Thank you very much, Kyle, for your speedy reply!

As said / implied in my parenthetical, the "Unknown File - File Identifier - By - Search" problem would be a problem of my system; I obviously should delete that third-party "service".

As for Rightclick - "Open in new tab", you are absolutely right, that will be done to the RIGHT of the current tab, and I obviously should try to assign a shortkey to that, the second step then being the "Hoist" command - thank you very much for considering to make available this within a single command "Hoist within a new tab"!

Currently, I'm not sure how I could assign a shortcut to an UR context-menu; I'll have to look into this.

As for your "Item Tab | New Tab or right-click -> Open in New Tab always creates a new tab to the right of other existing tabs.", this is a misunderstanding, sorry for not having been perfectly explicit above:

You are right indeed with what you say, but that new tab, created to the right of the existing tab, is NOT a tab with the currently-selected item being the "current" item in there, but with the SOURCE tab of the current tab being selected, thus my "critique" that that second tab, to the right, now having become the "original tree", whilst the original tab, the one to the LEFT, stays at the "current item" indeed, so the order of the "original tree" and the "special sub-tree, to then be hoisted, within the next step", has become the first tab of the two, thus my need to then switch the positions between the tabs 1 and 2 (but I could do this also with the keyboard, not only with the mouse, as I had only mentioned above).

(The other alternative would have been to manually go back to the source item in (new/old) tab 1, and to manually go to the item (= already selected as "current item" in tab 1) to be hoisted in (new) tab 2; obviously, currently, switching the two tabs (by keyboard shortcuts) is faster by far, since then, both "current items" are already "there", i.e. correctly positioned/selected, both in tab/tree 1 (the "original" one, after the switch) and in tab/subtree 2 (the one then to be "hoisted").

It's obvious that a command "Hoist current item in new tab" would come enormously handy, thus thank you very much again for your considering it!
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