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Question Get VBP project hierarchy?

I've inherited some VBP Projects that wisely call other modularized VBP Projects. Challenge is starting with the top-level .bld file, and then knowing which .bld's are nested within it.

In a nutshell I need a script to spit out all the steps (and some properties) in order whether the step be in the parent build, a child build, a grandchild...and so on. Something that without execution of all the logic, just puts my steps into a flat view without having to actually run the build (since the build can take 3-4 hours and/or fail to complete).

The "Log all steps and properties" script in the Script.bld sample file does an awesome job of it...but I need it to chase down all child builds as well.

Also tried this shortcut, but it put the steps at the end and requires I know which files are needed in advance.

Before I dust off my VBScript gloves, does anyone else have this same need and/or a solution already available?

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