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Spot on, PureMoxie, thank you so much!!!

Tools - Options - Attributes I had overlooked indeed, and that's the settings dialogue I need, so this is not Template-specific, and your kind hint obviously is the solution to my main Attributes problem.

(Help system: 153 results for "attributes", I had looked into some 20 of them - many don't seem to be relevant, from their respective titles -, result 1 = "Attribute", result 2 = "Item Attributes Pane", and over there a link to "Attribute Options" (which is result number 6), then "Custom Item Titles (result 3), Core Attributes and System Attributes (results 4 and 5, respectively) - NO hint to the "Tool - Options - Attribute" dialogue in either of those... and on my day one with UR I obviously had found those settings, within the "Options", by accident...)

"When you add an attribute to a template item, that attribute does show for all items based on that template, not just new ones." - How would I do that, since the "Options" above are generic, NOT Template-, or item-specific?

"I think the best way to show a subset of attributes for multiple items at once is with a search item" - No, that would not be a viable / realistic (if technically possible, indeed!) solution, the screen would become unreadable with ALL of them - since what I was asking for / or then, rather, suggesting, is:

A dialogue displaying ALL (system; and thus not a subset of) attributes, with the respective values, for a given item (by tree context menu and/or Item menu command), in order to ad hoc OVERRIDE the Item Attributes list (which cannot be sorted manually (just abc or by category) in my case is very restrained, in order for the Item Attributes pane being so tiny that the generically important-for-me items are always visible and editable, and without taking too much screen real estate by always being visible).

I'm a little bit surprised - but here again, I may be mistaken - that currently, there does not seem to exist any such dialogue, let alone an editable one, for all of some item's attributes, upon request, since this functional lack almost forces the user to display, all the time, ANY system attribute in the "Item Attributes" pane, just in case of, and which makes that pane very big on the screen.

On the other hand, for the "Icon" attribute, e.g., there are no shortcuts (i.e. cannot be assigned currently, not even for the frequently-used ones), so I do need to have the entry "Icon" readily available within that pane, but if that pane shows them all, it gets very large, and the "Icon" entry will be hidden; if you just need some 3, 4, 5 attributes within that pane, you can de-select all others, and the pane will become very tiny... but then, you will need a way for easy (and ideally even editing) access to any of the other attributes in special cases. Hence my suggestion.

This being said, thank you very much, PureMoxie!
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