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Option for PowerShell script not to treat VBP characters as special

I'd like it if the PowerShell properties step had a checkbox to suppress interpreting anything as special Visual Build characters. Yes, I'd like the option to be able to use brackets and % without having to escape them.

I'm finding I have a lot of [] in PowerShell and it's being a pain to escape everything. Some of my scripts just have a conditional logic that make calls to get and set global Visual Build macros if I have a flag set. This is because I may use them elsewhere, too. However, this is becoming a problem because PowerShell doesn't necessarily like encountering escaped brackets, even if it never actually executes the code.

I guess you could also implement some WMI stuff as actions so I didn't have to script them in PowerShell WMI programming has always seemed more complicated than it should be.

Actually, this might be a nice option to have for all scripting languages.

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