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Another aspect to bear in mind in this (otherwise allegedly really easy) enhancement:

When I currently search, then get the search results (with Options - Search - Highlight matches ON and Continue highlighting after selection change in tree ON), then (manually) close the search results lists, I get the full content pane again (given I had the search results lists positioned in a way that, if displayed, it takes the half of the content pane), but this "full" content pane now does NOT allow yet editing (since that is not possible with "Highlight matches" ON); I first have to do something like "UpArrow" and "DownArrow", in order to go away from the current (and currently un-editable) item, then go back to it, in order to make it editable).

It's obvious though that once I close the search results list (pane), I want the current item (selected from the search results list) to be editable again.

(Btw, I don't know why there is the "Continue highlighting after selection change in tree" option, since once I "touch" the tree, from the search results list (either by Enter or by double-click), the search results lists (which is not hidden though, thus my suggestion) gets emptied anyway; at least the wording in this sub-option seems to be misleading to me?)
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