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Is there a way to send non-escaped FAILSTEP_OUTPUT email?

Quite some time ago (back in the VBP 6.1 or 6.2 days), I learned that when including the %FAILSTEP_OUTPUT% macro in the Message of a "build failed" type of email, the text therein needed to be escaped. The reason at the time was because text within brackets was being interpreted as script (and when you have SQL code in the %FAILSTEP_OUTPUT%, there's a lot of brackets!). To escape this, I simply turned on the application option for "Escape special VBP characters in step output macros".

Today, some of my developers are complaining that the email sent by VBP for broken SQL builds is confusing because of the double brackets and quotes. Is there any way to un-escape this text and yet not run into the problems I had previously?
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