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Script function that creates a GUID

My build creates Windows Installer (MSI) packages. These packages should upgrade each other, therefore I have to change the PackageCode and ProductCode properties at every build. Both properties are GUIDs. An example script is (InstallShield for Windows Installer 1.52):

Dim Iswi
Set Iswi = CreateObject("ISWiAutomation.ISWiProject")
Iswi.OpenProject "%ISMFILE%"
Iswi.ProductCode = CreateGuid
Iswi.PackageCode = CreateGuid
Iswi.ProductVersion = "%NEWMSIVERSION%"

The CreateGuid function should create a new GUID. I got it working in the end, by running UUIDGEN.EXE, but in my opinion this could have much been easier.
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