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Specifically in TreeDbNotes what I was talking about was...

On the menu,
"File" - "publish to eBook".

You have the option to output as a single .exe from there. That is extremely easy to distribute to the customer; they can just open it directly from a network share or web location. Also (very important!) what the customer sees in the exported eBook is exactly the same as what you see when working in the database.


Actually I had never taken a look at the free version of UR as an alternative to some version of exporting.

I just gave it a try... I took one of my databases and put it in a folder with the UR viewer and its two dlls. It seems to actually take several tries just to get the application to open; my guess is the first try or two it is making changes to the database so it can view it properly, then you are finally able to launch it and have it work?

Then when it does come up it kind of works, but definitely doesn't give the customer the same view of the data that you have since so many view features (tabs, hoisting, etc) do not work in the free version. I also notice that you cannot view anything except whatever happened to be in the very first tab of your view with the professional version.

See attached images. 'Normal' is viewing the database in UR Pro. 'Viewer' is viewing the database in UR Viewer edition. In the 'Normal' view, every tab except the very last one on the right is a hoisted view. In the 'Viewer' view, note that only one single 'hoist' from the database is visible, and even in that hoist items are missing (nodes "SR and SD SolSource out of chance fulfillment" is completely missing, along with several other nodes and their children).

I tried several times with one particular database and also with a couple of others, and consistently see the same problems:
  • When first trying to open a UR Pro database in the viewer, it takes several tries (my guess is the database is being 'reworked' so the viewer can understand it).
  • Only a portion of the database is seen in the viewer. It appears to be whatever was in the very first tab to the left in the UR Pro database.
  • It appears that any items that have 'UR Pro' specific features (links, hyperlinks, etc) are completely left out, and any nodes under them are completely left out.
  • Users of the viewer only get a very flat view of the data, since hoisting, tabs, etc. do not work.
  • Flags got added to some tree nodes by the Viewer?

Obviously there are some real problems with viewing a UR Pro database with the free viewer.

I got curious about what changes the free viewer was making to the database, so I opened the database that the viewer was using in UR Pro. Big mistake! Bam, there went all the toolbar customizations I had made (custom toolbar completely gone), and they did not come back when I closed it and reopened the main copy of the database. But anyway, what did the database look like in UR pro? It was missing everything except the same subset of data that was visible in the viewer, so obviously the viewer made permanent changes to the database.


Viewer -- Database as seen in Viewer:
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Normal -- Database as seen in UR Pro:
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