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Version 5.1

Released on June 18, 2013

Updated on Feb. 20, 2015 (UltraRecall.exe in Help | About)*

New Features
  • Item locking (prevent items from being modified; replaces and extends locked searches feature). Toggle via Item | Lock on the menu bar.+
  • Remember last layout (View | Layout) for each tab.+

  • Support for Office 2013.
  • Use imported Outlook item's created/modified dates for UR item's Date Created/Date Modified attributes.+*[]
  • Support literal [ character in custom item title expression by entering [[.+*[]
  • Option to truncate values for date/time sorting (see DateTruncateDelimiters in*[]
  • Cache attribute values for drop-down lists in forms.+*[]
  • Select child item when going to parent from Item Parents pane.*[]
  • When not showing completed items (View menu) and an item is marked complete, hide the item immediately.+
  • Auto save changes to external documents (Tools | Options | Editor).
  • When closing a database or exiting, if a temporary externally edited document is locked by another application, recover the document on next start and sync any changes.
  • Pressing Delete when an item is selected in the Search for drop-down list in the Search pane deletes the item from the history.
  • Caption of Tree | Link/Move To/From dialogs indicates selected command.
  • Outlook integration: Map Role attribute to matching UR attribute.+

    Bug Fixes
  • Enable spell checker option available on menu (Tools | Quick Options | Enable Spell Checker).*[]
  • Ability to disable spell checker (see*[]
  • Locking of Quick searches not working.*[]
  • Search only user-defined keywords doesn't work if Search titles only checked.*[]
  • Error during HTML export for items with non-ASCII characters in title.+*[]
  • Advanced search of '(Item) contains keywords and (Item) not contains keywords' incorrectly matched all records.*[]
  • Built-in Contact template form field captions use attribute names.+*[]
  • Associated icon for imported .pdf files not loading properly with Adobe Reader XI installed.*[]
  • Fix UR context menus for compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.*[]
  • Show case change when saving auto-completed attribute in form.+*[]
  • View | Show Completed Items setting and saved tab layout info conflict.+*[]
  • Slow importing of web pages containing stylesheets with many background properties.
  • Bitmaps pasted into tree and then exported to a file would not display in some image programs.
  • Refresh views after pasting bitmap into Data Explorer pane.
  • Edit | Copy Grid Values in Related Items pane included columns removed via context menu.
  • Can't accept Options dialog if configured Activation hotkey (General tab) or Import hotkey (Import tab) are reserved by Windows.

    + = Professional edition only
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