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Are you saying that dragging/dropping files directly to the detail area of an item is not supposed to be done for some reason even though it does create attachment icons which are (to me at least) a lot more desirable than separate entries in the Data Explorer tree?

These options do not have an impact on excel spreadsheets dragged/dropped on a text item:
'Tools | Options | Browser | File extensions to display in internal browser view', 'Tools | Options | Editor | File extensions to display in text editor', 'Tools | Options | Documents | File extensions to display in image viewer' and/or 'Tools | Options | Documents | File extensions to display in MIME viewer'

If you drag/drop an excel spreadsheet on an item (not on the Data Explorer tree), the contents of the spreadsheet are displayed in the item itself regardless of the above settings. Also a good percentage of the time, that will cause a complete lockup of UR and the app will have to be restarted.

If users are not supposed to drag/drop attachments directly to item details, why does it work for most file types?


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