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Code snippets being pasted as html

When I select a node in the Data Explorer tree and then CTRL-V to paste contents of the clipboard, a child item is created and auto-assigned to either the text or document template, and an icon gets added to the item according to the content.

This works great for most content, but not for code clippings that are pasted in from Visual Studio. When I copy a method, property, etc. from Visual Studio to the clipboard, then do the CTRL-V thing to auto-create an item in UR, it is created as an html document. The pasted item gets a title of 'Snippet', and that part is nice, but the fact that it gets created as a .htm document and gets a webpage icon is not useful.

When doing the same thing from other rich text editors, the item gets created as text and gets the text item icon. Is there a way I can get that behavior with source code copied from Visual Studio?

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