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This is a result of a standard feature of command-line parameters. When a backslash char is followed by a double quote char, \" is treated as a literal quote (to allow the insertion of double quote characters rather treating as an end-of-parameter marker).

When actions such as the VisBuildPro Project action generate the command-line to be called, it wraps parameter values in double quotes so that if it contains spaces, the entire value will be treated as a single parameter. But if the parameter value happens to end with a backslash, it leads to the \" situation, and the remaining parameters get messed up since that double quote isn't treated as an end-of-parameter marker. In the next release, custom actions that generate commands will be fixed to only wrap with double quotes if a parameter actually contains spaces, and to change \" to \\" when a parameter does contain spaces and end in a backslash. For now, you can either remove the backslash from your macro value (and add after the places it is referenced) or add another double backslash so that the command ends up like:

... "SourceDir=c:\develop\\" ...
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