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Pardon me for being dense, but why, exactly? Since this has been requested by others too, I must be missing something, but for me, the purpose of searching for an item is to locate the item and then read or edit its content, not to look at the matching word(s) within the item (I already know they're there since it matched the search). I can quickly identify if a search result is relevant from its icon, title, create date, etc. In the rare case that I do need to see the context of the actual search term, I can find it quickly via Ctrl+F or HandyFind [1] (for HTML and RTF documents).

How do other applications that support this implement it for all the possible document types, or are only certain document formats (which?) supported? Does it render exactly like it would be displayed in its native application for any document type or just use some textual approximation? Does it show it read-only or editable? If editable, how does it distinguish between "highlighted to show the search match" and actual hilighting that might be in the document, and what happens when you start editing? If read-only, how is it then edited? What sort of hilighting (if any) is done for an advanced type of search? Detailed answers would be helpful in understanding the need and implementing it in a useful manner. Thanks.

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