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I have a lot of long documents that I often need to find a subject within the text, yes I can find the document but then it sometimes takes a while to find the portion I want.

I was using AskSam but have started using Ultra Recall because of features lacking in asksam that Ultra Recall does have, but the one thing it did have that I found very good was the highlighting of text that I had seached for.

Ultra Recall can be used in so many ways and yes you or some others may not need to find a particular portion within large documents, but for me and I suspect other too this could speed finding information up no end.

On the internet I use Roboform and that has a search that can highlight any given search on any web page, if I am researching something which often are in large documents this can save me lots of time.

Ultra Recall to me is about saving time and I like the prgram enough after testing it to buy the pro version, I do have data bases that all the info items are very small or they are like you said and when I have found the item that is good enough.

But to be able to find particular phrases or words by highlighting on the long documents which I do use for refrence and research would help me a lot.

I think doctors, students, solicitors, business people of all sorts and private users could all find this very usefull.

If the highlighting were cusomisable so that either the background or the text could be set to a colour there would be no conflicts.

For me it is text documents that I need this for and so far I have manadged mostly using quick search, most of my documents I do want to edit.

For people who do not want or need highlighting within a document surely it could have a switch in the options setup

I have only had your program a short while but have used it a lot and am still finding new uses and ways of using it.

I am not criticising but making a suggestion to in my eyes make your program even better and in doing so helping myself. ;-)

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