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I have just realised why I would like highlighting as a one step process when quick searching - yes I can use Ctrl+F or HandyFind


Today I had to find some records in my email database that has years of emails that I have now put into it.

I knew by searching on some keywords (that I could remenber), it would narrow my search but I was still left with a few hundred emails to look through (this out of many thousands).

If from my initial quick search it had highlighted the word or phrase that I had initially searched for, it would have been very easy to flick though those emails glancing at the pre-highlighted words in context with the paragraph they were in and I would have found much quicker what I was trying to find.

What would also speed thing up on other searches I do would be the choice to have a simple search bar that I could use from the menu area.

I am very pleased with ultra recall so what I am asking for is things that would just make my use of it easier, other people may or may not have the same wishes, but I suspect they do.

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