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Originally Posted by danielh View Post
1) Make sure that you have the latest version of Visual Build installed.
At the moment, we have not opportunity to install a new version, because the VMs are stateless
Might be worth trying w/ v8. We will send a temporary key to use to try it.

4) Build with the console app instead of the GUI app.
To manage some builds manually, we need the GUI
Is there any way to rework it so you don't need to manage manually -- maybe prompt up front for manual information and then launch visbuildcmd.exe?

7) Ensure the host computer's storage system is optimized to minimize disk queue (one user reconfigured RAID so that it became faster and hanging disappeared).
Whats does this mean?
I don't know -- one customer reported that doing this resolved the problem.

8) Increase the amount of RAM on the machine and/or VM guest.
The VMs each one has 3GB of RAM, should be enough
Might be worth trying bumping it up to maybe 8GB.

One other thing you could try is adding /mta to the command-line of all invocations of visbuildpro.exe.

We have never been able to reproduce this problem (we do all of our builds in VMWare guests, and we've also run many multiple simultaneous chained levels of long-running builds with heavy CPU and disk load and build output). If you can strip it down to something that we can build that still reproduces the problem, please send the info (plus any details about your VM environment and hardware and how Visual Build is being called). Thanks.

Note by Admin 5/7/2014: The /mta option resolved the problem in this case.
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