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How do I upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit?

How do I upgrade from a VBP 9.2 32-bit, to a VBP 9.4 64-bit?

A) I have seen that I can smoothly upgrade from VBP 9.2 (32-bit), to VBP 9.4 (32-bit), on my laptop. The VBP 9.4 (32-bit) simply overwrites the VBP 9.2 (32-bit). My license info on my laptop's VBP is retained.

B) Our build server was recently upgraded to be 64-bit.

Can I safely install VBP 9.4 (64-bit) on top of the VBP 9.2 (32-bit) that we currently use in our build servers?

Or must I first uninstall VBP 9.2 (32-bit) from our build server, and the download VBP 9.4 (64-bit) to our build server?

If changing from VBP 32-bit to a VBP 64-bit is there a risk that the license info for the VBP on our build server will be lost?
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