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Thank you so much for your help, Kyle, this does it! (Even with, will install .3 now.)

My previous "Fonts" settings had been "Data Explorer and Search panes - CHANGE Font": Verdana Regular 12 points, and "Selected item: CHANGE Font: Verdana Bold (!) 12 points, with "Bold selected item" being greyed out since custom font but checked = "Yes" - so I had created the bolding - my point v) in my tree comments - myself! - my bad, sorry!

(As you said before, for being persistent, these OPTION changes have to be made when no, or just one, UR database is open; the FLAGS, on the other hand, are database-specific.)

Interesting here: In spite of "Selected item - Use default Windows tree font: YES", the selected item is then NOT really the (ugly, tiny) system default Windows tree font, but the custom font (in my case Verdana Regular 12 point) from the custom "Data Explorer and Search panes" setting: perfect!

(edited for correct version numbers)

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