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To help with the comparison, check 'Tools | Application Options | Logging | Log default property of each step', and also add /C to the SSHELPER command-lines, like:

%SSHELPER% /C "%SAMPLEDB%" Cloak $/Executables -y%SSUSER%

This will log both the SSHELPER command-line, and the subsequent ss.exe command-line (if it gets that far) with all macros expanded. For the sample db, I get:

Step default property 'command' = '"c:\progra~1\visbuildpro\Tools\SSHelper.exe" /C "c:\temp\VisBuildPro\VStudio\Database" Cloak $/Executables -yGuest,'

SSHelper, Version 1.2
Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Kinook (TM) Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

Command: "C:\Program Files\DevStudio6\Common\VSS\win32\ss.exe" Cloak $/Executables -yGuest,
Cloaked project $/Executables.

Process completed with exit code 1
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