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Version 2.0c

Released on July 10, 2006

Bug fixes
  • Error when deleting items from the Search tree.
  • Fix for Outlook add-in toolbar not displayed when Outlook started after ActiveSync/HotSync.
  • Changes to Item Notes not saved on saving stored document changes.
  • Scroll position not always set properly when switching between tabs.
  • Mime message with only HTML part (no text part) and text attachment shows attachment as content instead of HTML.
  • Template in Recycle Bin with same name as non-deleted template can prevent display in insert menus.
  • When selecting more than 100 items of the same template, the Template Item attribute is not available for editing in the Item Attributes pane.
  • Unchecking Flag item in Related Items pane columns context menu shows Choose Columns dialog instead of unchecking.
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