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Enhanced Unzip Files and folder inclusions

Not sure if I am trying something unsupported, found a bug, or am simply clueless...

I have a zip file consisting of various levels of folder and subfolders containing various files. I am trying to extract just a single folder including its subfolders (or not) with the Enhanced Unzip Files action.

Zip File is just a .zip file and Include is '/Folder/*.dll'. Include Subdirectories is checked.

If Use Directories is checked, the destination receives /Folder/*.dll correctly.

If Use Directories is NOT checked, I get 0 files found. I would expect to receive *.dll in the root of the destination folder. Is this incorrect thinking?

Essentially, I want to be able to access a zip and extract folders, files, and a combination of these into a more dynamic destination structure. Maybe the action is just limited and cannot handle this robustness?

I am aware I can unzip everything to a temp folder and access my files in that manner. Just looking to understand the abilities of the Enhanced Unzip action.

v9.7 - Thanks!
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