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How do I see PowerShell script progress?

I'm using a PowerShell action. It works just fine with Visual Build and I can send data to it and get it back into VBP. My problem with this particular script is that it may run for a very long time (a few minutes to over a half hour). If I run it in PowerShell, I can turn on verbose and see some output so I know it's alive. When I run it from VBP, I don't get any feedback. It's reassuring to know something is happening.

How can I see the output while it's running in VBP?

This particular script starts in a specific folder and has PowerShell script in VBP (it's not calling a separate file). Inside the script, I dot include some external PowerShell files that are needed for the script to run in VBP.

I've tried Options / Show application window. That puts up a window, but I don't see any output.
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