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Thanks for the quick reply. However, I already knew about .eml, etc..

PostBox 7.x has no files with an .mbx or .eml extension . . and no export facility.

Did some exploring though, and found the email files. They have no extension and are located in the following folder:

users/(your user name here)/appdata/roaming/postboxapp/profiles/Oc7in9s9.default/mail/local folders/

Each message folder inside that folder has, for each PostBox folder two associated, similarly named files: one has no extension; the other has a .msf extension

I store most of the messages I keep in the Local Folders folders. If anyone else stores them elsewhere, replace local folders with the name of the folder where you keep them.

After experimenting a bit, I found out how to import the messages to UR.

(1) For the messages I wanted to import, I dropped copies of the message files with blank extensions to another folder. (not the .msf file)

(2) I then gave all those files a .mbx extension, and they imported just fine into UR.

--- Rich
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