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Version 6.2a

Released on October 30, 2006

  • GUI App: Improved support for Windows Vista: 1) Add requested privilege manifest; 2) Support Vista Task Scheduler; 3) Undocked pane borders not painted properly on Vista; 4) Paint issues with field overrides on Vista.
  • Make Delphi action: Support for calling batch files referenced in .bpg files.
  • Perforce action: Add option to not log details of commands executed (Global Options tab).
  • Samples: Add ASP.NET 1.1 WebLauncher sample.

    Bug Fixes
  • Builder component: 1) Do not prompt on undefined macros in step description; 2) Step with repeating build rule also marked to continue on failure does not repeat.
  • ClearCase action: mkview command uses wrong flag for Server storage location field.
  • GUI App: 1) Step properties tab dialog bottom/right border truncated on Windows XP/Vista when themed; 2) Edit controls limited to 32K chars.
  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Truncate and use only first 3 parts of 4-part version when setting versions in .vdproj (Setup project) files; 2) Target executable of DLL projects not identified in some cases, preventing version increment; 3) Didn't always handle $(ConfigurationName) reference properly; 4) $(SolutionDir) reference didn't include trailing backslash; 5) 'Object reference error' building VS 2005 ETP project; 6) 'Illegal characters in path' error building .vcproj referencing environment variables containing double quotes; 7) Improved handling of mis-encoded UTF-16 resource files; 8) Improved handling of white space and comments in attributes of AssemblyInfo files; 9) Increment version option doesn't increment with 'no build'; 10) Handle environment variable value referring to another variable; 11) Support user macros in .vsprops file.
  • Project component: Opening v5 macros file in v6 strips backslash in values containing \".
  • Run Script action: 1) Python scripts didn't work; 2) Errors calling vbld_AllMacros and vbld_TempMacro* Python script functions.
  • VMware Workstation action: Error with space in filename and no prompt option.
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