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Version 6.6

Released on September 28, 2007


  • Burn CD/DVD action: Load disc (close tray) before burning if drive not ready.
  • Copy Files action: Support same source and destination path for flat move/copy (to flatten a folder with subfolders).
  • FTP action: Support servers with non-standard path/file naming conventions (such as VAX/VMS FTP servers) -- Add 'Do not use directory as reported by server' option to Server tab, don't include trailing backslash when changing directories, and don't include path when specifying remote filenames.
  • Make VS.NET action: Add support for Intel C++ compiler projects.
  • Subversion action: 1) Support all v1.4 subcommands; 2) Populate Subcommand drop-down list based on selected Executable.
  • Write XML action: Add option to update all matching nodes.
  • GUI App: Add FAQ item to Help menu.

    Bug Fixes

  • Transform Log action: HTML log shows build failure instead of success if an earlier step invoked a failure step which called a subroutine and was configured to continue building.
  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Error if OutputPath entry not found in project file; 2) Action can't find MSBuild in some cases; 3) Environment variables in project filenames not expanded.
  • PowerShell/Run Program action: All PowerShell scripts and batch files with Pause command never complete.
  • System script: m in month name (i.e., September) replaced by month digit (i.e., Septe9ber) when using mmmm in vbld_FormatDateEx.
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