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I guess I spoke too soon. It's still happening, and since you say you've never seen it before, here it is:

In the attached picture, you'll note the red line denoting a mis-spelled word where there is no word. 8 Lines above, the word practically was originally mis-spelled by me, then corrected. The Red line remained after the correction and "floated" down with each carriage return.

This problem has happened as long as I've used the's not a recent event.

Ultra Recall Professional 6.0 (x64)
Copyright 2004-2019 Kinook Software, Inc.
Registered to: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (1-user license)
Windows version: Windows 10 Home
Install path: C:\Dads\Programs\Ultra Recall
hrs32.DLL version
HRW15.DLL version
HTS11.DLL version 11,0,2,3
HTW21.DLL version 21,0,0,0
mimepp.dll version 3.0.4
MSPTLS.DLL version 15.0.4420.1017
msvcr100.dll version 10.00.40219.325
PolarSpellChecker.dll version
RICHED20.DLL version 15.0.4420.1017
SftPrintPreview_IX86_U_20.dll version 2.07
SftPrintPreview_x64_U_20.dll version 2.07
TER16.DLL version
TEW26.DLL version
UltraRecall.exe version
Database filename: C:\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.urd
Database version: 4.0.1 [FTS]

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