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Version 5.5

Released on August 5, 2004


  • GUI and Console apps: Add capability to override default configuration file location via registry value (see this FAQ post for details).
  • GUI app Build view: 1) Support viewing of files at line number from C#/VB.NET project error output; 2) Parse filename from lines in format filename...message and Default step property 'name' = 'filename'.
  • Make VS.NET action: Add support for Visual Studio 2005 Beta solutions and projects.
  • Step Properties and Script Editor dialogs: Enable maximizing of dialog.
  • Transform XML Log action: Add Elapsed time column to HTML report stylesheet.
  • Vault action: 1) Clear fields that becomes disabled when changing command field; 2) Enable local path field for getlabel command.
  • Samples: Add ADO.bld sample showing how to execute SQL statements and queries from a build and XML.bld sample demonstrating reading and writing XML documents from a build.

Bug Fixes

  • Builder component: Fixed bug when building a child project - if a subroutine step failed and the failure steps also called a subroutine, the child project would report success rather than failure back to the calling project.
  • Logging components: Allow other processes to read log file while open for writing, retry opening of log file if in use by another application.
  • GUI App: Indent steps inserted under a Process Files step.
  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Honor 'restore read-only attribute' option for project files when modifying base address; 2) Fix for building of embedded (Compact Framework) projects; 3) Operate correctly with .NET Framework 2.0 beta installed.
  • Subroutine Call action: Correctly assign macros 9-16 from second tab.
  • Transform XML Log action: 1) Include elapsed time of last build when closing tags; 2) Fix links to .bld files in detail section of HTML log.
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