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No more updates to UR: RIP

While I find UR is unquestionably a fine example of programming and have not hesitated to point out its faults along the way, I am sorry to learn that development has stopped. I am grateful that Kinook has taken UR this far and we are left with a stable and reliable product. I wish they could have finished incorporating the calendar and html export, but I suspect the addition was a massive undertaking and probably would have introduced bugs that would take a while to work out.

Jan has always been cautious about prospects for most software, and I think I finally see his point. While support is not yet abandoned, I imagine that it is only a matter of time.

Kinook, I wish you well. Maybe, but I think not, when the economy turns around, you will find it worthwhile to resume development. This type and quality of software is needed.

I suppose the smugness about UR's capabilities over similar (and older) products expressed by some here and in other forums was well intended. But news like this certainly takes the wind out of one's sails because, if the software languishes it will be overtaken by other products or new technology which will marginalize UR as its limitations are reached (I'm thinking Ecco Pro, Info Select, askSam, etc.).


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