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Having trouble with CC.NET and commandline VS Pro

I'm trying to get and Visual Build to work together and running into a problem with the converstion of the xml log to an html log:

Closing any open log tags...
Loading XML input document...
Error at line 3, position 3 loading 'C:\DOCUME~1\build\LOCALS~1\Temp\bld193.tmp': End tag was not expected at this location.

From the file(there is an empty line at the top of the file and then the following):

<status code='0'>Completed</status>
<step action='Log Message' type='0' start='11/17/2004 11:14:41 AM'>
<output><![CDATA[Build '11' Started At: 11/17/2004 11:14:41 AM
(...file continues)

I saw in another message on the forum where a virus program was causing this error. I am not running any kind of virus program. I am running the build under a XP image on VMware.

Any suggestions? (The pages referenced above don't load for me.)

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