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RTF export is unreliable as well.

I'm positive now on this second bug but which occurs rarely, compared to the one described above.

We know that UR exports only those parts of the tree that are both expanded and selected; I prefer it otherwise but see the point in this way to do it.

But then, here and then, UR SKIPS some such and-expanded-and-selected parts of the tree, so that your export isn't sure to contain all you want to export (and this when you've got a normal, continuous selection, not as a possible side effect of discontinuous selection by control-mous-clicks, and not for possible monster tree exports, but some dozens of items to be exported will suffice - again, it's quite rare, but I'm positive).

If you export in .rtf format, be it for further processing / publishing out of MS Word or out of a dtp prog (InDesign or whatever), you risk here to leave out whole chapters, without ever knowing it except after publication when third parties speak of inconsistencies in your product.

Thus, anybody wishing to export UR data is well advised to also do it by external macro going back and forth, copying and pasting by clipboard, then to compare the results.

(I'm speaking here of precisely this export command: File - Export - Text items to a rtf doc - include item titles/insert page breaks/include item notes - Target file and Enter. And since there's a lot of confusion with the following command, "Item notes to a rtf doc", let me add that it's not that those skipped items only contained pics, and thus did not contain text, as one might think by (too) carefully reading those badly chosen/distinguished command denominations.)

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