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In 4.2b on Win7 Ultimate 64bit I just did this as a test:
  1. Created a new database
  2. Added 4 child text items to the default 'Notes' item, and named them 1, 2, 3, 4 in the order of creation.
  3. Used Ctrl-Shft-Up and Ctrl-Shft-Down to change the order of the text items.
  4. Exported as HTML, and noted that it did not export in the Data Explorer order, but instead in creation order.
  5. Closed UR entirely, and then reopened the database (to ensure it wasn't some change done in memory not on disk).
  6. Exported as HTML again, same problem.

I also notice that if you select the root 'My Data' node and try to export as HTML from there, the export just hangs on the below screen. I tried several times with different databases, even a blank new database, same results. If I choose a subitem of 'My Data' and export from there, the export works with the exception items are out of order.

Attempts to export as HTML (with subitems) from the root 'My Data' item hangs on this, and you have to click the 'Cancel' button.
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