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Originally Posted by $bill View Post
Oh, ok. I always check for updates by doing 'Help' - 'Check for Updates'. With the November 4.2b, 'Check for Updates' reports that you have the latest version.

I manually downloaded the update from the above linked thread.

I confirm that the sorting on export to HTML issue is now corrected. Great, that is wonderful!

However, the problem I reported a few minutes ago of exporting to HTML from the root node with 'Export child items' selected is still present.

Personally, I always export from a child node. However, some people might try exporting from the root node.

To recreate this problem:
  1. Select the root 'My Data' node in a new database.
  2. Export as HTML, with 'Export child items' selected.
  3. The export will hang as described in my last posting.
  4. NOTE: If you do this with an existing database (not a new one) it will also hang, but not necessarily on the 'Search' item.

Thanks for the help!
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