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At the bottom is a cut and paste of the help file entry from zoot.

So imagine I have a spreadsheet filled with items. Let's say each row is a separate item. It wouldn't be very hard to paste everything into word, then replace all carriage returns with some odd text string such as "~end~". Then I could select all, copy, then paste "text extracts" into the "data explorer" view in zoot. Then a dialog box pops up asking what the delimter is. I would type in "~end~", etc.

Then I have a bunch of new items, not just one item with all the spreadsheet entries.


User Specified Delimiter
This option lets you import a file using some other delimiter with which to extract items. In this case, Zoot displays a Delimited File Dialog so that you can specify a delimiter. A delimiter is any unique string of characters that marks the end of one item and the beginning of the next. In many cases you can specify a series of carriage returns (CRLF) as your delimiter. In other words, you can use "white space" as a delimiter.

When Zoot displays the Delimited File Dialog, follow these steps:

1. The Delimited File Dialog features two large edit boxes. The edit box on the top is where you enter the delimiter that marks the end of one item and beginning of the next. Zoot will use this delimiter to split the file into individual items.

2. In the edit box on the bottom you can specify another delimiter that Zoot will use to locate an intelligent name for the items created during the import process. This delimiter is optional, but if you're importing a file full of e-mail messages, for instance, you might want to specify "Subject:" as a delimiter so that Zoot will pick up the subject line of each e-mail message.

3. For each of the delimiters you can choose to have the delimiter itself omitted. This is useful if the delimiter you're using consists of "white space" or garbage characters.

When you're finished specifying your delimiters, click the OK button and Zoot will execute the file import.

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