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If you import a long document into Zoot!, you can have Zoot! break it into smaller documents. Instead of a 50-page document, you can have five, each of ten pages. I don't recall how flexible Zoot! is in allowing you to vary the number of parts into which a document is chopped. I don't think any program except Zoot! does this and whether the rarity of the feature reflects difficulties in programming it.

Originally posted by kinook
Not currently. We are considering providing an import option to paste text and create an item for each line of text (rather than a single item with all the text), but extending this to support HTML with some type of markers would be quite a bit more involved. Text might be more feasible than HTML, but even then, I'm not sure if there is a standard format to define delimiters for separating items within it (perhaps OPML?).
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