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Reset LASTSTEP_OUTPUT before running action

I have some situations when I'm running an Oracle script and it doesn't work properly. It's not a situation where VBP detects it as an error, so the error handling script isn't run. However, when I try to get LASTSTEP_OUTPUT following the Oracle script, no value has been set. What I appear to be getting is the LASTSTEP_OUTPUT value from the previous call to Oracle.

Is there a way to blank out the LASTSTEP_OUTPUT value prior to running the Oracle step? (or set it to something like "no value retrieved" that I could test after the call whether I got a result?) That would help me see if my theory is correct and may even help me create some error handling routines.

Help says that users cannot set values of system macros, so I haven't bothered trying to set it via script.

At this point, I'm trying to debug the situation. I need to try recreating the problem in a test script so I better understand it. I don't know if I think this is anything that VBP should or could catch as an error yet.
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