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Want to see project step, not subroutine

When a build is in progress, the currently active step is shown. But most of my project steps are subroutine calls. The call to a subroutine runs almost instantaneously, but the subroutine step (such as a compile operation) might take a while.

The result is that the view, during a build, almost always shows a subroutine step. This makes it hard to tell which project step is being built. I can sometimes tell, by reading the build view. But sometimes the build view is scrolling by too quickly to get a good look.

My suggestion is to provide an option to keep the UI screen on the project tab during a build. Don't switch the tab to the current subroutine, just show me the current project step. Even if there is an error, the problem is rarely with the subroutine, it's usually with the project step that called the subroutine.

Admin note: Implemented in v6.0
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