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Re: Incremental Sync

Originally posted by danson
I use Time and Chaos with their quite expensive ChaosHost option so that I can sync my data to their server and (as well as access it online) sync it back down to my PC at home.

Syncing does not take a long time - even with 1000's of items - as it only syncs the changes.

I think it would be fantastically valuable if UR could have some sort of facility to sync two copies of the same database file. Then one could be stored on an FTP-mapped drive which is accessible anywhere.

In anycase there are block-level remote access systems (samba?) which I would happily implement to allow me to access my UR data store from several locations.
This might be an option:

I'm not keen on just carying the data on USB as this is not necessarily always carried on one's person and is not particularly safe. It's also a hassle.
A secure USB stick may be an option:
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