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Just to share the solution I discovered: Unison

This is a very efficient synchroniser - especially if it's just doing one UR database file. I have it synchronised to my server and can pull it down everywhere. It only pulls down the changes in the file so is very fast:

I created a batch file that I can run which will silently and automatically synchronise the file to the server and then shut down my comptuer. I run it at the end of my work day - it doesn't matter if it takes a few minutes (normally seconds) as it will shut down when it's finished anyway.

When i get home I synchronise the file with my server and now I'm working on the same set of data.

I'll write a full 'howto' if there is much demand for it.

In summary you will need:

1. Server space
2. An ssh client (i use vsh which I got with SecureCRT from
3. Unison (text edition is sufficient)
Im using: unison-2.17.1-win-text.exe
4. A batch file to do the clever stuff like shutdown after finishing.

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