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Version 2.1

Release on Sept. 10, 2000

  • Added support for project-level log files.
  • Cleaner termination of other applications when a build is stopped.
  • Enhance copying of step data to clipboard for pasting into other applications.
  • Don't scroll the step pane on large projects when Build Selected is chosen.
  • Fixed bug causing 'Wait for completion' step property to not be retained when unchecked and saved.
  • Added capability to specify a step to execute when the build fails. Useful for sending e-mail notification, etc.
  • Added new global macros to support Borland/Inprise tools, WinZip, and Wise Solutions tools.
  • Added several new system macros and tools to simplify scripts, including macros to retrieve the last stepís output (useful for steps where failure cannot be determined from the exitcode).
  • Added View, Launch, and Explore buttons to the step properties and macro properties dialogs for easier navigation to the files and folders used in a project.
  • Expanded the maximum number of steps in the evaluation version to 30.
  • Added more samples and help, including FTP and send e-mail samples.
  • Added 'does not contain' option for conditional build rules.
  • Added step property 'Wait for completion' to allow immediately starting the next step without waiting for completion of the current step (useful for parallel builds).
  • Fixed bug in VBMake tool that caused it to fail the first time because the output file did not exist.
  • Fixed expansion of macro parameter values so they can contain commas.
  • Fixed Ctrl+M to copy only the selected part of the field when there is a selection.
  • Added Build option when right-clicking Visual Build project files in Explorer.
  • Added several options on the Options dialog.
  • Added support for Ctrl+M to copy the expanded value in the Macro Properties dialog.
  • Added right-click on column header to choose columns in the Step pane.
  • Show the new common file dialog when running in Windows 2000.
  • Added bitmaps to the menu items.
  • Removed 'Reload global macros' option on the Step Properties dialog (external changes are now automatically detected and reloaded if necessary).
  • Remember the last macro tab that was viewed on the Macros dialog.
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