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Version 3.0.3

Released on March 26, 2007

  • Enable IE popup blocker in embedded browser (if turned on in IE).
  • Support CSV import to user-defined keywords.
  • Perform non-optimized phrase search (searching items having item text but no keywords) when searching on Item Text attribute.
  • Don't keyword item text/notes if .rtf is excluded from keywording.

    Bug fixes
  • Drag/drop to import folder doesn't operate recursively when related option is checked.
  • Fix for infinite recursion problem that could occur when importing same folder multiple times in different locations.
  • Deleting items with user-defined keywords may not remove keywords from database.
  • Repairing database lowercases user-defined keywords.
  • Embedding/syncing of document template item doesn't work.
  • Insert could create logical link to existing item (if Default Child Template attribute is null).
  • Error when performing a phrase search on a single word.
  • Web pages navigated to from a form item showing a web page in detail area not displayed properly.
  • Importing Outlook attachment via drag/drop does not import properly if 'Tools | Options | Import | Prefer text/rich text formats' is checked.
  • Reload of hoisted tree starts with first item in tree selected regardless of previous selection.
  • Minimize on startup not working.
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