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Layouts linked to locked tabs

Assuming the roadmap is slow and not dead...

I use locked tabs as a way of managing different "applications" within URP5. By application, I mean different data sets: action items, versus reference items, versus, contact information.

The nature of the data sets makes it so that different panes are useful for some and not for others, or that the data explorer pane has one width versus that in a different application, etc.

What I propose is that URP remember the last layout I use for a given locked tab. When I go from one tab to another, I can, of course, chose a preconfigured layout - and I do that. What I'm proposing is that URP remember and do it for me.

Such a little thing, and yet - worthy of jutting up against the secrets of the universe...

- Bal

Admin update: This was implemented in v5.1
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