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Re: Re: I totally Agree with Outlook Sync being Vital

Originally posted by bkonia
Very interesting application. However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see any way to do outlining internally within Omea. It seems like it would be great for organizing documents that were created in other applications, but other than "Tasks," it doesn't seem to have its own internal data objects.

For example, if I wanted to create an outline for a project and within that outline I had various notes, pertaining to different aspects of the project, I don't see how you would create those notes internally. It seems like you'd have to create a separate text file in notepad for each note and then drag those text files into Omea.

One of the strengths of Ultra Recall is that you can create objects internally and each of those objects can have its own unique attributes.
Having started using Ultra Recall intensively over the past 2 days I am getting a sense of how important those - as you call them - "internal data objects" are. In some sense then, OMEA is a bit like a wiki in that it allows you to link everything to everything - but one still ends up felling 'lost' in a maze of links, as OMEA does not provide a means to create and see data structures - or to visually organization all the links in a conceptually meaningful way - and in a field of vision one can readily grasp - Ultra Recall does. It that central visual data organization that seems to be key to productivity.

Like you Brad, I've tried everything - I thought I had found it in OMEA - I must admit to being very impressed with the extensive Outlook syschronization - but I've found an unexpected and highly satisfactory productivity improvement using Ultra Recall today, a sense of getting rapidly organized with vast amounts of data that I have never really experienced before.

Very promising!

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