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Dear All,

I am trying UR today. It is great, but I don't believe it is the right product for some of the tasks that I need to do on a moment to moment basis.

First, I need to be able to save anything in my browser, organize it within a flexible structure, and search it by keyword. As I am only running the trial version of UR, I elected not to have a "Send to UR" option added to my IE menu. Had I done so, I suspect UR could be a great web research/storage/retrieval tool.

I've tried ASKSAM's SurfSaver, OnFolio (a nice product) and an online service called Furlit. The online service is the perfect approach because we all need access to our data - and the ability to manage it - wherever we are (whatever computer or device we are using). But Furlit is a lousy client. UR is an excellent client. Perhaps if I ran UR on a personal server, I could accomplish this remote storage method - so that when I do web research at work, I could save to my UR server and access the data from my home machine as well. Would this be possible?

Next, I need a way to save and organize the 30 daily online newsletters that I receive. Many newsletters are in the form of email messages. Now, I do not want to be limited to running Outlook in order to search 5 years of email newsletters. There are some search/retrieval programs out there, like X1 - is that the way to go? There is the new MSN Desktop search - perhaps that will be a way to search and organize email and attachments. Anyway, I guess I am seeking an integration between UR and Outlook messages. That being said - I know how hard it can be to work with Microsoft, which does not always provide the "whole story" about how their programs work - some developers have told me that it is hard to work with them. And isn't some of the excitement we feel about UR the fact that it doesn't smell like Redmond?

As an outliner - a text outliner for creating the project plans and checklists that I like to use - it would seem that CaseSoft's Notemap is better suited than UR. I raise this issue becuase I'm hoping someone will inform me that there is a way to solve the problem described below. I can't see how to work with text in UR any better than OMEA, as described below:

"For example, if I wanted to create an outline for a project and within that outline I had various notes, pertaining to different aspects of the project, I don't see how you would create those notes internally. It seems like you'd have to create a separate text file in notepad for each note and then drag those text files into Omea."

I would appreciate any suggestions the members of the forum might offer.


And hats off to Brad Konia and Stephen Diamond. Your individual knowledge of PIM/Outliner software is incredible. (Not too many people know what Zoot is. By the way, whatever happened to that open-source project Mitch Kapor started? Was it based on Python?)
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