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You could store the file remotely, but since the program only holds what it needs in memory, I would think you would need a broadband connection or performance would degrade too much. I haven't tried it myself.

An alternative to remote storage is to use flash memory. You could get a USB flash memory key, holding I think up to 256 MB, maybe more, and just plug it in to access your data wherever you are.

There's currently a discussion at on the effectiveness or lack thereoff of two-pane outliners for straight textual outlining tasks. I think if your outlining needs are simple, there would be no problem doing ordinary outlining in UR. NoteMap would give you more control over formatting in the outline itself as well as access to advanced outlining techniques like hoisting.

I don't understand your question about internal creation of notes. OMEA lacks a text editor, View:Item Details, if you've hidden it

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Originally posted by VincentPeppe, selectively quoted her
The online service is the perfect approach because we all need access to our data - and the ability to manage it - wherever we are (whatever computer or device we are using). But Furlit is a lousy client. UR is an excellent client. Perhaps if I ran UR on a personal server, I could accomplish this remote storage method - so that when I do web research at work, I could save to my UR server and access the data from my home machine as well. Would this be possible?
As an outliner - a text outliner for creating the project plans and checklists that I like to use - it would seem that CaseSoft's Notemap is better suited than UR. I raise this issue becuase I'm hoping someone will inform me that there is a way to solve the problem described below. I can't see how to work with text in UR any better than OMEA, as described below:

"For example, if I wanted to create an outline for a project and within that outline I had various notes, pertaining to different aspects of the project, I don't see how you would create those notes internally. It seems like you'd have to create a separate text file in notepad for each note and then drag those text files into Omea."

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