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Thank you. So I would be running Notemap (to outline my writing pieces), which is a single function program. And I would be running Outlook, for email, but not for project management, because it is fails there.

As for organizing my incoming information, NewsGator has a promising newsreader that works with Outlook, so if I shift to receiving most of my information by RSS feeds (which would appear as Outlook email messages), that will help.

But I still need a program to save and search for web clips and other data types. I can see how UR could be great for that.

I'm an in-house attorney focused on deals and other business projects. The company does not use a dedicated practice management program like Time Matters (which is great - Version 6.0 even has an outliner integrated into it. So I am left to create my own project management system. Currently, I'm using Excel, of all things, and making extensive use of the Sort function.

Incidentally, I downloaded Omea, but it won't run - an error messages says I've downloaded an outdated build. Frustrating.

Vincent Peppe
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