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You have four major options in UR, but for this purpose; importing is probably best, but you have two ways to import.

You can add the .cnm extension to Optionsocuments:Open readable versions. Then you won't see the NoteMap outline directly in UR; there will be a link instead, but nevertheless the outline will be stored in compressed form within UR database. When you click on the link, NoteMap will open the document stored in UR, and you can develop the outline further.

But if your outline is a finished product that you want fast access to, you can save it as rtf instead of cnm. You might have to put it through MS Word to do that. Then when you import it, the outline appears as a UR document, with perfect formatting.

Stephen R. Diamond

Originally posted by VincentPeppe
Right, NoteMap's hoisting is very useful.

While UR enables you to enter text about an item in the detail pane, I don't think I can use the Data Explorer tree view to "write" outlines, because it has very limited formatting options. UR seems more of a data organizer that uses an outline structure - one more flexible than Windows folders. Should I be importing my NoteMap Outlines into the details pane?
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