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Re: URD example usage - Follow on

Originally posted by lazlo24
I don't see how NOT putting tasks into your calendar is a deviation from GTD.

As for syncing Outlook to Google mail, there is free software available to do this and it works great. It is a bit CPU hungry (hitting outlook hard) when it runs but it works perfectly and I rely on it to keep my Google calendar and Contacts up to date.
I didn't mean to be critical but to point out a feature of UR that for me is nicer than the Allen's recomendation in Making It All Work - "The calendar is the best place for three things--appointments, day-specific things to do, and information I need or want to be aware of on that day." I use gCal for the appointments and UR for the other two.

I am using the Google provided utility to sync Outlook with gmail and it doesn't sync contacts. Even exporting contacts from google to get their headers and reimporting the edited file doesn't reliably populate the correct fields. What software are you using to sync the contacts?

I was Outlook-free for a while but getting an Iphone forced me back to using Outlook to glue everything together....
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