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How can I force the build to abort from script?

Option #1: Add an Exit step configured with an exit status of Failure (to build failure steps) or Cancel (to stop without building failure steps). The step can use a conditional build rule to conditionally abort the build.

Option #2: Use VBScript code of:

Step.BuildStatus = vbldStepStatFailed

in a step script event (accessed by clicking the Script Editor button on the step properties dialog, clicking the Events button, and choosing a step event).

Option #3: Use VBScript code of:
Err.Raise 1, "", "Error message"
or the following Jscript code (note: the error message thrown doesn't get logged for JScript):
throw "Error";
The code can be placed in a script function, the code of a Run Script step, or in a step event function.
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