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I can compile on VS 2005 but not on VBP

I am trying to set the product and file version for a .sln file. I first do a 'Make VS.NET' action step to update the file version without building the file, and that works just file. Now when I try to update the file version and build the .sln file, it fails. However, when I check to see if the file version was updated, it was.

I am able to build the project on Visual Studio 2005. Why can't I do it with VBP? The project uses C# and Visual Basic code, and I was wondering if that could be the problem, besides what the error says. I have the configurations setting set to all. Should it be something else? This is my first time building with a 'Make VS.NET' step. Using VB6 was easy, this is not.

UPDATE: I am now able to build successfully. I just added the "devenv" in the Override field on the options tab in the 'Make VS.NET' step to build, and I also had configurations on the Project/Solutions tab set to "Add." It works. I ran it again, and everything worked. Hopefully, this will be the end of that. Thank you, your advice I read in another post was helpful.

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